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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Michelin Latitude Tour HP
Michelin tires
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8.9 9.0
8.5 8.8
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7.7 819,607
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Michelin Latitude Tour HP - All Season Grand Touring tire
Tuned specifically for luxury SUVs and crossover vehicles, the new Michelin Latitude Tour HP tire have been designed to achieve the highest possible level of ride and handling without compromising all-season traction. Michelin Latitude tour HP tires will allow you the ability to experience the full potential of your SUV or crossover vehicle. Ride comfort tuned for performance touring SUVs and crossover vehicles. XSE Technology for optimal wear and all-season performan.
  • 2-D Active Sipes help deliver better handling in rain and snow by locking together for greater rigidity.
  • Special tread compounds help reduce rolling resistance of the tire, resulting in improved engine fuel efficiency.
  • Experience a stable feel and crisp steering at high speeds thanks to precisely placed polyester and aramid/nylon filaments (FAZ Technology™) under the tread. Aramid is the material that makes bulletproof vests bullet proof.
  • Special rubber compounds and wide groove tread design help the MICHELIN® Latitude® Tour tire stop 5% shorter than its predecessor
  • MICHELIN® Comfort Control Technology™ uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise.
  • Save money at the pump thanks to a combination of a fuel efficient tire shape and tread compounds which reduces unnecessary friction when the tire rolls.
  • Better Handling in Rain and Snow than our Leading Competitors
  • Save Up to 82 Gallons of Fuel over the Life of the Tires
  • Greater Confidence in Wet Conditions.
  • High-Speed Confidence
  • Enjoy a Quiet, Comfortable Ride.
  • Fuel Efficient to Reduce Harmful Emissions
  • mn_latitude_tour_hp_1x.jpg
  • Size Sidewall Speed
     P235/55HR20  BK H 102H SL 440 A A
     235/55VR19  BK V 101V SL 440 A A
     P235/55VR19  BK V 101V SL 440 A A
     235/55VR19  BK V 101V SL 440 A
     235/50VR18  BK V 97V SL 440 A A
     235/60VR18  BK V 103V SL 440 A A
     P235/60VR18  BK V 102V SL 440 A A
     235/55HR17  BK H 99H SL 440 A A
     235/65VR17  BK V 104V SL 440 A A
     235/65HR17  BK H 104H SL 440 A A
     245/45ZR20  BK W 99W SL 440 A
     P245/60HR18  BK H 104H SL 440 A A
     245/60R18  BK H 105H SL 440 A A
     P245/60HR18  BK H 104H SL 440 A
     255/50ZR20 XL  BK W 109W XL 440 A
     255/55VR19  BK V 111V XL 440 A A
     255/55ZR19 XL  BK W 111W XL 440 A
     255/55HR18  BK H 105H SL 440 A A
     255/55HR18 XL  BK H 109H XL 400 A A
     255/55HR18 XL  BK H 109H XL 400 A A
     255/65R18  BK T 111T SL 0
     265/50VR20  BK V 107V SL 440 A A
     265/50VR19 XL  BK V 110V XL 440 A A
     265/60VR18  BK V 110V SL 440 A
     275/40ZR20 XL  BK W 106W XL 440 A A
     275/60HR20  BK H 114H SL 440 A A
     275/45R19  BK V 108V XL 440 A A
     275/55VR17  BK V 109V SL 440 A A
     285/50VR20  BK V 112V SL 440 A A
     285/60VR18  BK V 116V XL 440 A A
     285/60VR18 XL  BK V 120V XL 440 A
     305/50HR20 XL  BK H 120H XL 440 A A

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